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Sandy and Pierre met in Nice in 2015. From this meeting will come a strong desire to change lives for both, so they decide to embark on a hotel project together. 


It is therefore in 2018 that their life plan materializes with the purchase of the Alcove Hotel. The duo they form in life is found at work where each of them, with his skills and personal background, brings a know-how.


From the mix of these two complementary profiles is born the Alcove Hotel, a welcoming place for all, cozy and charming, in their own image.



Pierre, of Norman origin, had a real crush on the French Riviera, its climate and the beauty of its environment.


Graduated from a school of management, Pierre has always had a very good sense of contact.


Today, he creates his company, the Alcove Hotel, which allows him to tie with this environment for which he has a strong attraction.


Sandy, a native of the region, already had a professional career in Hospitality.


Sandy has run a hotel residence in Africa for a few years.


She has extensive knowledge
and a strong attachment to this environment and its region.

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